The Alltel MyPics service will be discontinued on July 1, 2011. Please visit prior to July 1 to save important photos to your personal computer. If the Alltel MyPics reminder is turned on, you may be prompted to upload new photos to the site when saving photos on your handset; however, when attempting to do so after July 1, an error message will be displayed.

To turn off multi-media selection on your handset:

1. In camera menu, select options or settings.
2. Select the Alltel MyPics reminder.
3. Turn the Reminder to Off and Exit to the main screen.

Replace with:


Photos taken on your handset can be sent to your personal email mailbox by using text messaging. Once the photos are on your personal computer, you may upload them for free to many online sites such as Snapfish, Flickr or Picasa.